The Winter's Tale

King Leontes (Michael Tisdale) begins to feel the pangs of jealousy, as his queen Hermione (Katie deBuys) speaks with his best friend Polixenes (Aldo Billingslea). Teresa Wood
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“If This Be Magic…”

A tribute to the magic of story-telling, Shakespeare’s late, great romance is an exhilarating journey that brings us to Sicilia and Bohemia and returns us safely home once more. Convinced of his queen’s unfaithfulness, King Leontes of Sicilia imprisons her, exiles his newborn daughter, and schemes to have his closest friend, King Polixenes murdered. With the passage of time comes realization, revelation, and redemption—as well as the growing romance between the children of both kings. Incorporating a variety of inspired theatrical techniques, this production of The Winter’s Tale presents a rich and emotional story of human folly, hope, and resurrection filled with unexpected surprises.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
150 minutes


Storyteller, Camillo
Old Shepherd
Young Shepherd, Musician

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Julia Singer, Production Stage Manager