Creating conversation, dialogue, and understanding among theatre-makers and theatre institutions and centering people.

Theatre Summit

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About the Theatre Summit

A convening of theatre-makers in the Washington, DC-area, the Theatre Summit fosters collaboration, conversation, and shared understanding. The themes of the Summit vary each year, and it consistently holds space to discuss equity, anti-racism, and transformation. 

If you are interested in participating on the Theatre Summit committee, please contact Amy Austin.

This initiative remains one of my favorite things about DC Theatre. It is empowering to see so many of my peers, mentors, and future colleagues convening in this way - for meaningful dialogues and re-focusing for a new calendar year.
2021 Summit Attendee
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The Summit is the only day in the year that representatives of nearly every theater in DC are in one room, discussing important issues, and providing valuable, unique context. The opportunity for theaters big and small to share and learn from one another and build community is unparalleled.
Summit Attendee

2021 Theatre Summit: Re-Imagining Resources

The 2021 Theatre Summit: Re-Imagining Resources took place virtually August 3-4, 2021. It provided an opportunity for theatre-makers in the Washington, DC-area to hold space together over a two-day period. It included two keynote speakers, panels and sessions, affinity spaces, resting spaces, and one-on-one mentoring. The Summit was planned with input from over 200 survey respondents and the Summit Committee (listed below).

2021 Theatre Summit Committee
Regina Aquina, Co-Chair, Farah Lawal Harris, Co-Chair, Tẹmídayọ Amay, Raymond O. Caldwell, Jeannette Christensen, Shannon Dorsey, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Dane Figueroa Edidi, Jordana Hernandez, Benairen Kane, Keta Newborn, Scot Reese, JR “Nexus” Russ, Jefferson Russell, Xemi Tapepechui, Ezra Tozian, Hope Villanueva, Justin Weaks, Britt Willis

Keynote Speakers
Dane Figueroa Edidi and Raymond O. Caldwell

2021 Theatre Summit Opening Keynote
Dane Figueroa Edidi kicked off the 2021 Theatre Summit with a keynote address. Other videos from the 2021 sessions are available by contacting
2021 Theatre Summit Closing Keynote
Raymond O. Caldwell delivered the closing address of the 2021 Theatre Summit. Other videos from the 2021 sessions are available by contacting

Previous Theatre Summits

Held since 2017, with theatre creative and administrative leadership from 65 theatre organizations, the day-long conference was designed as a time to discuss actionable ways for Washington, DC-area theaters to prioritize equity, diversity, and transformation as a community.

2020 Theatre Summit

  • Theme: Climate Justice
  • Keynote Speaker: Lauren E. Turner, No Dream Deferred NOLA
  • Co-Chairs: Farah Lawall Harris and Jojo Ruf

2019 Theatre Summit

  • Theme: Equity and Activism
  • Led by artEquity

2018 Theatre Summit

  • Theme: Connectivity
  • Keynote Speaker: Ginny Louloudes, Executive Director, A.R.T. New York
  • Co-Chairs: Jason Loewith and Jojo Ruf

2017 Theatre Summit

  • Theme: Building DC’s Healthy Theatre Ecology
  • Keynote Speaker: Ben Cameron, President, The Jerome Foundation
  • Co-Chairs: Jason Loewith and Jojo Ruf