The Good Doctor

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Before he turned to the stage, Chekhov wrote some of the world’s greatest short stories. By turns touching and hilarious, they’ve been adapted for the theatre by the master of comic dialogue, Neil Simon. A Broadway hit in 1973.

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120 minutes


The Writer and other roles: Kuryatin the assistant; Peter Semyonych; "Navy"; and Father
Madame Brassilhov; the Mistress; Woman; The "Defenseless Creature"
General Brassilhov; the Sexton, Vonmiglasov; Man; Policeman; "Army"; Kistunov
Cherdyakov; the husband, Nikolaich; the Sailor; the Assistant, Pochatkin; the Boy
Madame Cherdyakov; the Governess; the Wife; the Girl (actress); the Girl (on the street)

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