Washington Stage Guild

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900 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20011-5301
United States

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Theatre Description
"Founded in 1986 by a professional company of Washington theatre artists, the Stage Guild quickly established itself as an indispensable component of downtown and the D.C. theatre scene, staging over 130 productions in six different homes over 35 seasons. The company's acclaimed repertoire of neglected classics, unfamiliar works by familiar playwrights, and stimulating new plays from around the world, is presented in a style that is the Guild's own--direct and clear, with a strong commitment to adhering to the author's intent.

Washington Stage Guild has found great appeal among DC audiences over our 35+ year history. Stage Guild productions -- literate, witty, and sophisticated -- are immediately recognized by theatergoers as ""Washington Stage Guild material,"" and the Guild's performance style -- respectful of traditional approaches but innovative in an unforced way -- has been honored with international acclaim that has grown from year to year. Indeed, the Guild's ""smart theatre for a smart town"" is constantly attracting new audiences.

While the Stage Guild is often perceived as a ""classical"" theatre company, more than half of the productions in our history have been area premieres.

As residents of DC, the founders of the Washington Stage Guild have embraced the diversity of the city since the company's founding. Plays that address a wide range of life experiences appeal to the variegated audience found here, and a commitment since day one to casting practices willing to give artists opportunities that traditionally were denied them because of age, gender, race, or physical ability enhance that appeal."
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