Arms and the Man

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Shaw shatters romantic illusions about love and war in one of his most sparkling comedies. In the aftermath of the Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885, heroes turn out to be hypocrites and cowards turn out to be heroes. What is a romantic girl to do when she realizes she may be in love with the wrong one? First produced by the Stage Guild in 1992, Arms and the Man makes a welcome return in a fresh take.

"It is probably the wittiest play he ever wrote, the most flawless technically, and in spite of being a very light comedy, the most telling." – George Orwell

“The playwright’s radical vision still resonates… Shaw’s female roles remain among the most satisfying in the canon” – The Guardian

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135 minutes


Nicola/Russian Soldier
Paul Petkoff
Catherine Petkoff
Raina Petkoff

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