Arco Iris

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Opening Performance

Iris is excited about taking a trip to el parque with Abuela! But while getting ready, Iris has a hard time deciding what color outfit to wear. As Iris and Abuela explore each of the colors, they discover the different ways colors appear in the world and their own unique beauty. Abuela reminds Iris that each color lives inside everyone, so even if we choose one, the rainbow is always a part of us.

Told through vibrant imagery, dynamic movement, and a beautiful soundscape, this sensory-rich production is inspired by a Zapoteca myth and Quechua legends about the rainbow.

Arco Iris will be performed at Theatre on the Run (June 9, 15, 17, 22, & 24) - 3700 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206; The Lyceum (June 11, 18 & 25) - 201 S Washington St, ​Alexandria, VA 22314 and 1st Stage (June 29-July 1)

Best for children ages 3-6 and their families.

Production Information

Show Type
Physical Theatre
World Premiere or New Work
Approximate Running Time
30 minutes



Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Props Designer/Master