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1100 Wythe Street, #26093
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Arts on the Horizon is a professional, non-profit theatre company with a unique and specific focus of providing performances and arts education programs for young people ages 0 to 6 years old. We were the first theatre company in the country to focus our work solely on this age range.

Arts on the Horizon values intelligent, innovative, and original work for very young audiences that is accessible, affordable, inspiring and joyful. We believe the arts play an important role in children’s lives. The results can be seen in their development of critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and independence.

Each nonverbal production Arts on the Horizon commissions incorporates elements that connect to various child developmental milestones. Knowing that a young child's brain develops as they explore the world around them through sight, touch, and sound, Arts on the Horizon intentionally creates a sensory-rich environment with each production, utilizing vibrant imagery, music, sound effects, movement, and tactile moments where children are able to interact with the different objects used in the performance. Often, we incorporate repetitive physical movement in our storytelling, as new experiences repeated a number of times help children make connections, which shape the way they think, feel, behave, and learn now and in the future. Additionally, Arts on the Horizon’s productions demonstrate and model the importance of cooperation and creativity, empathy among the characters, conflict resolution through teamwork, and the excitement of exploring new places and engaging in new activities.

Each arts education program includes creative drama exercises which focus on refining and developing fine and gross motor skills, expanding vocabulary and problem solving skills, and serving as a catalyst for creative play outside of class. All classes and camps focus on creative expression; tactile, kinesthetic, and auditory learning skills; developmentally appropriate movement; storytelling; and crafts.

Whether your children attend a performance or take one of our classes, we are here to foster them in a safe, creative environment that promotes the positive. We're not in the business to produce better actors but to help nurture better human beings.
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