NextStop Theatre Company

Administrative Address

269 Sunset Park Dr
Herndon, VA 20170
United States

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Theatre Description
"NextStop Theatre was founded in 1988, as the Elden Street Players, an all-volunteer, community theatre company created predominantly by and for the residents of Herndon, Virginia.

From their earliest days, the Elden Street Players (ESP) stretched and challenged themselves to be bold and unique. A company dedicated to pushing the boundaries and expectations of theatre in a small suburban community, well outside the established Washington, DC circles of arts and culture. In a time when community theatres were viewed mainly as casual, “hobby” organizations that simply regurgitated popular comedies and classic musicals, ESP held themselves to a higher standard. They mounted hard-hitting social dramas, re-invented Shakespeare classics, created original works, and became particularly well known for cramming epic and edgy musicals into their blackbox space. They began drawing sell out crowds, receiving tremendous praise from area theatre critics, and winning numerous awards for all areas and levels of their productions.

Over the past few years, NextStop has once again established itself as a respected member (now of the professional, regional) theatre community. Building on the strong artistic traditions established by the Elden Street Players, the company has become a leader in the DC theatre scene, producing between 6-10 productions a year, employing more than 100 artists each season, and garnering praise from audiences and critics alike for their bold, diverse, and vibrant productions."
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