Letters to Kamala / Dandelion Peace

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First with a critical eye and then a provocative comedic touch, Yale Prize Winning playwright, Rachel Lynett’s riveting, world premiere double-bill juxtaposes a spiritual visitation from three trailblazing women lost to history against the hilarious turf warfare of a community garden. The results will leave audiences feeling part inspired, part infuriated, and fully glad they came.

LETTERS TO KAMALA: What happens when your ancestors ask the hard questions?

On the eve of the election, three powerful women pay a visit to Kamala Harris. CHARLOTTA BASS, the first Black woman candidate for Vice President in the United States; CHARLENE MITCHELL, the first Black woman to run for president of the US; and PATSY MATSU TAKEMOTO MINK, the first woman of color to be elected to the house of representatives and first Asian-American to run for presidentbring with them battling perspectives, sharp advice, and plenty of tough love. What transpires is a political ghost story that reminds her (and all of us) of the ground on which we stand. 

DANDELION PEACE: All is fair in love and gardening…

When a community garden member rips up another member’s “invasive” dandelions, all hell breaks loose and a struggle for power ensues in this satirical allegory about women of color attempting to balance personal gain with collective, agricultural good. Literal and figurative boundaries are pushed, as competition for the garden presidency heats up to a blaze. We are left to question how we give and share power, and ask, in this political climate, “is there no safe soil?”

Production Information

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World Premiere or New Work
Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Charlene Mitchell and Zuri
Charlotta Bass and Anita
Patsy Mink and Moira

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