The Last Drop – a riveting drama by John Shand

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Western civilization collapses during an economic upheaval. Pestilence, violence and war drive people away from the cities. Mary and Joe survive in the sand-dunes, desalinating sea water with a ramshackle still Joe has devised. They eat insects and any random crustaceans that they manage to scavenge. Their love is but a faded memory…like the many comforts of their previous life. Then, invaders arrive. Valentino is a shark of a trader. Esmeralda is his accomplice and whore. One ill fated night in their company tears Mary and Joe apart. Yet, Joe must still play a crude dentist to treat Mary’s unbearable toothache. Ultimately, hidden truths emerge that leave Mary at her wit’s end with only one way out.

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110 minutes



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