Las Hermanas Palacios (The Palacios Sisters)

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Dive into the vibrant chaos of 1985 Miami as Cristina García's gripping play, The Palacios Sisters, catapults Chekhov's "Three Sisters" forward to Florida in the 1980s. Recently arrived from Havana, the ambitious young ballerina Irinita joins forces with her culturally refined siblings - Olga and María- and their talented classical pianist brother, Andrés. Together, they navigate Miami's treacherous landscape filled with drug wars, rampant violence, and an escalating AIDS epidemic. Clinging to memories of their beloved homeland while grappling with the dizzying new reality that surrounds them, the sisters emerge as artistic beacons of hope in this poignant tale about longing, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

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120 minutes

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Adapted From
Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov