La casa de la laguna (The House on the Lagoon)

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Isabel Mendizabal’s rocky marriage takes a sinister turn as she and her husband Quintín research their families’ histories and uncover more than just a lineage of bad tempers. As her story progresses and more family secrets are revealed, Isabel must learn to navigate between fact, fiction, and silence to uncover the truths long buried by men for their convenience, erasing the stories of the women in their lives. But Quintín is also hard at work writing his side of the story, and it does not sync with Isabel’s. Whose truth is real, and what are they willing to do to tell it? Rosario Ferré’s famous work not only sheds light on one family, but also the tumultuous history of Puerto Rico. Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

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Adapted From
The novel by Rosario Ferré