King Lear

Performance Dates

The repetition – the confusion – the growing sense that someone is not all there….  What happens when the mind begins to deteriorate? How does dementia change a family? An empire?
A mighty leader retires, disowns his favorite daughter, and banishes his closest advisor and confidante. From the moment Learappears, we know we will witness his unraveling. A dominion teeters in the balance as a once-powerful tycoon becomes increasingly out of touch with reality. Who will seize control? Are his children conspiring to ruin Lear, or just trying to cope with the new landscape of their lives? Can Lear trust his perceptions? Can we? 

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
130 minutes

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Fight Choreographer
Adapted By
Props Designer: Leanne Boch