To Kill a Mockingbird

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Compass Rose Studio Theater is proud to open its 2nd season with To Kill a Mockingbird, dramatized by Christopher Sergel from the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Harper Lee. In this American classic, young Scout sees her father Atticus exhibit a kindness and desire for justice that will leave an indelible mark on his daughter and a small town in Alabama in the year 1935. To Kill a Mockingbird teaches us about the importance of community, tolerance, love, and compassion. Atticus tells Scout that you can never truly understand another human being without first taking a walk in their shoes. It is this striking lesson that speaks directly to the mission of Compass Rose Studio Theater, and we hope you will join our students and actors as they walk in the shoes of these memorable characters.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Atticus Finch
Maudie Atkinson/Mrs. Dubose
Miss Stephanie
Nathan/Boo Radley
Heck Tate
Judge Taylor
Reverend SykesErcola
Mr. Gilmer/Mr. Cunningham
Tom Robinson

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Adapted From
The Novel by Harper Lee