Julius Caesar

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Our modern interpretation of Julius Caesar features an all-star cast from the DC region. Come revel in this timeless tale, and discover the parallels of modern Washington to ancient Rome. PLOT: Senators Cassius and Brutus are suspicious of Caesar’s growing power in the Republic. They fear he will accept offers to become Emperor. Cassius is jealous, and with his allies, he convinces Brutus to assasinate Caesar. All conspirators stab Caesar to death on the Ides of March. Yet, their troubles have just begun. Citizens unite and rebel. Unrest sweeps Rome. And the rebels flee Greece, form an army, and wage battle against Caesar-loyalist Mark Antony and his troops in a vain attempt to reclaim power. Political aspirations and the fate of all Rome hang in the balance during this climactic battle.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Cicero/Lepidus/Cinna the Poet/Ligarius
Portia/Messala/Pleb 8/Marullus
Pleb 4/Servant/Soldier
Pleb 2/Metellus/Titinius
Marc Antony
Julius Caesar
Pleb 5/Trebonius/Lucilius
Casca/Pleb 6/Artemidorus
Lucius/Pleb 3
Octavius/Flavius/Pleb 1/Decius
Pleb 7/Cinna/Varro/Antony's Servant

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Projections/Media Designer