The Ice Child

Sara Barker in Factory 449's world premiere of THE ICE CHILD, by Lisa Hodsoll, Rick Hammerly & Hunter Styles. C. Stanley Photography
Performance Dates
Urban legend gets a shot of Edgar Allan Poe and a dash of contemporary horror in Factory 449's world premiere of THE ICE CHILD. Catherine wakes to find herself imprisoned in a coffin-size freezer chest. To discover how she got there -- and whether she can talk her way to freedom -- she must quickly decide which of her captors to trust. Outside her makeshift prison, a struggle soon arises over Catherine's treatment that will decide the fate of victims and villains alike. Told through a heart-pounding mash-up of film, live performance, and visual art, THE ICE CHILD is a ticking time bomb of a show.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
60 minutes


Creative Team

Lighting Designer
Jesse Achtenberg, Video Designer
Aaron Fisher, Projection Designer