I Do! I Do!

From left - Esther Covington, Mary Beth Luckenbaugh, Steve Lebens and Chad Fornwalt in "I Do! I Do!" Johannes Markus
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The American Century Theater presents I Do! I Do!, a musical for a post-DOMA America. Conceived by Artistic Director Jack Marshall, TACT’s production is perfectly timed to build upon the cultural consensus highlighted by the recent landmark Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA, the federal law outlawing same-sex marriages. In the production, the decades-long marriage of one couple, referred to in the score as “Him” and “Her,” is represented in three forms by four actors. Audiences will see familiar marital benchmarks and crises as “Leslie & Chris seamlessly morph from a traditional heterosexual couple to same-sex versions, all telling the story of a single, epic union from different perspectives.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes



Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Musical Director
Sound Designer
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Lighting Designer