From-Home Fest

Performance Dates

Frustrated by opportunities for virtual theatre already disappearing from fringe festivals, actor/creator Tia Shearer Bassett (known locally as the cancer-surviving “TheatreWolf”) has founded a festival dedicated to the work that kept her feeling connected and inspired as she underwent chemotherapy in 2020: online, telephone, and by-mail theatre (a category she hopes to include in future Fests).

“The From-Home Fest is a celebration of the theatrics that blossomed at the start of the pandemic...shows
that bravely and playfully expand the definition of ‘theatre;’ welcome artists and audiences who may be
unable to physically go to a theater; and surprise us with an experience of real human connection.”

A designated space on Discord will serve as “fringe central,” where audiences and artists can meet and mingle. The small-but-mighty festival includes the following works:

  • Juxtapose Tenement – a whimsical interactive website inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell, featuring vintage spectacle, physical theatre and theatrical clown. Created and presented by Happenstance Theater (DC area).
  • The Ritual – a one-on-one horror show via telephone, guiding audiences through a ritual to fend off an eldritch terror. Created and presented by Phoenix Tears Productions (FL).
  • Edward and Christine – a Zoom/object theatre/solo performer reimagining of a poem-play by Kenneth Koch. Presented by Anna Lathrop, Deb Sivigny and Tia Shearer Bassett (DC area).
  • in a way that matters – a live multimedia performance exploring death acceptance and the body through mushrooms, trans ancestors, and a dash of Hamlet. Created and presented by Tristan Willis (DC area).
  • Void Main – a live online production where audiences’ choices determine the fate of one astronaut alone on a station 750 million miles away. Created and presented by CirqueSaw (NY/MA).

Production Information