Failure: A Love Story

Pictured: Carolyn Kashner, Tia Shearer, Michael Kevin Darnall, and Maggie Erwin C. Stanley Photography
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Failure: A Love Story takes us to 1928, the last year of each of the Fail Sisters’ lives. Nelly was the first of the Fail girls to die, followed soon after by her sisters Jenny, June and Gerty. As with so many things in life—blunt objects, disappearances and consumption—they never saw death coming. Written by Chicago playwright Philip Dawkins, Failure: A Love Story is a magical, musical fable that traces the sisters’ triumphs and defeats, lived out in the rickety two-story building by the Chicago River that was the Fail family home and clock shop. This funny, moving and profoundly wise play reminds us that in the end, all that remains is love.


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
100 minutes


Creative Team

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