Crystal Creek Motel

February JayLee Photography
Performance Dates

This Fall, check in to the Crystal Creek Motel - Flying V's latest, one-of-a-kind, theatrical experience!

It’s 2003, somewhere up North. Well off the beaten path. A place you’d find yourself…despite yourself. No questions asked…as long as you pay in cash. 

Everyone wants something more. At the Crystal Creek Motel, we’ve seen it all…

Join the flies on the wall and witness a series of terrible, mysterious, and beautiful nights! This original and innovative production features six auteur directors, a stellar ensemble of actors, and a complement of Flying V's finest designers, teaming together to tell twelve distinct stories set in the same motel room over the course of a year.

Crystal Creek Motel … You Could End Up Here!

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
150 minutes