Crime and Punishment in America: "Cops" and "Hello Out There"

Hello Out There: Bru Ajueyitsi as The Young Gambler Johannes Markus
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The American Century Theater begins the new year with two explosive plays in repertory, Cops by Terry Curtis Fox, and Hello Out There by William Saroyan. Both are encore productions during the company’s final season. The evening begins with Cops, the “Crime” segment of the evening and one of the most shocking and heart-pounding shows ever produced at TACT. From a story and dialogue originally roughed out by David Mamet comes this real-time portrayal of a bloody hostage showdown between police and a fugitive in a gritty diner. Cops is followed by William Saroyan’s Hello Out There. The “Punishment” chapter of the evening is the tale of a lonely, jailed hero, and an unlikely romance that evokes both hope and hopelessness. 

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Gene Czerwicki
Bob Barberson
The Husband
The Young Gambler
Omelette Eater