Beertown in DC

Jeremiah Stuart
Performance Dates

Can you capture your community’s identity in a collection of objects?

Every five years, the citizens of Beertown tackle this creative, civic responsibility as they unearth their beloved Time Capsule and ritualistically review its contents. Will the pie tin remain, or be replaced with a coyote skull? Will the projector endure, or be voted out to make way for the sack of coins? dog & pony dc’s celebrated show Beertown is an interactive exploration of history, identity, and community that starts with a dessert potluck and ends with lively audience-led debate.

Performed in Spoken English & American Sign Language. Every performance is interpreted.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
145 minutes


Mayor Michael Soch
Liam Murphy
Nate Brunner
Joann Sugerman
Patricia Marie Brown
Franklin Li
Joseph Rodgers Davenport
Barbara Northup

Creative Team

Choreographer for plays
Projections/Media Designer