Ukrainian Plays Reading Project

Event Type
Wednesday, September 20 7:30 PM

201 S. Washington St
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States

In this project, Alliance for New Music-Theatre joins in solidarity with the Center for International Theatre Development (CITD), which commissioned over several dozen plays since Putin’s army invaded Ukraine, calling their endeavor the Ukrainian Hope Initiative, and with John Freedman, translator and friend of so many of the country’s leading theatre artists. We applaud their efforts to support playwrights in war-torn Ukraine.

Following the successful presentations in May at Dumbarton UMC and in July at the DC Capital Fringe, Alliance for New Music-Theatre will present two public readings of selected short works by Ukrainian playwrights.

The project is part of New Music-Theatre’s commitment to cross-cultural collaboration and integrating music with drama as catalyst for discussion on issues of relevance to our community and the world: changing the conversation through the arts.

The reading will include a post-show conversation to raise awareness of the ongoing struggle more than a year into this war of Russian aggression and to keep our Ukrainian friends and allies in our hearts.

All readings of these plays are offered to support Ukrainian artists, and we invite everyone who comes to consider making a generous donation.