Exploring Ulysses - A Reading Circle

Event Type
Nine Monthly Tuesdays April-December, 2022

Are you among the ranks of the Joyce-curious? Have you always wanted to dip a toe into James Joyce’s masterwork, Ulysses, but balked at its reputed impenetrability? This online reading group will be a communal leap into that language-rich and daunting lake, intended to emerge with more questions than we had before we jumped.

All are welcome to the table for nine monthly seminars led by Kim Schraf, DC theatre professional and fan of the novel in all its dense and delicious difficulty. Neither a master class nor a series of lectures, but a guided exploration that will be inviting, eye-opening, and fun.

Sessions will run on Zoom from 7—8:30 PM Eastern on the following dates:

  • April 05
  • May 03
  • June 07
  • July 05
  • August 09
  • September 06
  • October 11
  • November 08
  • December 06