Seventh inning balloon ceremony at Koshien Stadium.

In a last gasp of summer freedom, I traveled to New York this past weekend to fill a long-recognized gap in my theatregoing experience by seeing Porgy & Bess. Like much of the rest of my summer, the trip had a theatrical element. What surprised me was that the following lyrics from the show’s standard Summertime (first performed in 1935) managed to describe perfectly my summer of 2012:


They are the words every actor dreads hearing. The half-hearted “Thanks . . . that’s all we need to see today” or “Unfortunately . . . we cannot offer you a role, but please do audition for future productions.” A working actor is only such when we are, well


Devised theatre? Also known as collaborative creation, original work, or ensemble pieces, among other names, devised theatre is a unique concept to be sure and not easily defined. For the past six months I have been part of

Alexandra Linn in <em>Putting It Together</em> (Colby College, January 2011). Photo © 2011. Jeff Earickson, Colby College.

Alexandra Linn in Putting It Together (Colby College, January 2011). Photo © 2011. Jeff Earickson, Colby College.

Okay, so it’s not exactly how the song goes. But this is surely my own “Season of Love.” 92,520 minutes short of a year ago I packed my station wagon to the gills and drove 618 miles from the quaint and quiet coastal town of Rockland, Maine to follow my big city dreams in


There are several summer delights that I relish and look forward to every year: a baseball game (major or minor league) on a summer evening, the forbidden indulgence of a mocha chip ice cream cone, and fireworks on the fourth among them. But six years ago I discovered another summer pleasure to savor; this one is not illicit in any way and even involves air conditioning:

The Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF)