The Chinese Goddess of Mercy and the Monkey King think they control the Land of the Dead until their newest arrival, a Chinese-American boy, defies th...
Prices: $20 - $30

A Chorus Line
Climaxing the season with glittering spectacle, this musical play tells the story of aspiring dancers. Each one hopes  that talent and drive will...
Prices: $23 - $38

Adult Entertainment
Heidi the Ho, Vixen, Jimbo, and the gang are sick of doing just porn. They wanna make a real movie, with real impact. So with “art” in min...
Prices: $25 - $75

Alabama Story
A librarian in segregation-era Alabama purchases a new childrens’ book for the library, The Rabbits’ Wedding. But the nature of the seemin...
Prices: $25 - $60

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Alexander is having a bad day. A terrible day. A horrible day. To be quite honest, it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But then, eve...
Prices: $20 - $20

Beauty and the Beast
A romantic tale of a transformed prince, and his love, Beauty, set in a great forest in old Russia. There are conflicts, hopes, wishes, dreams, and ex...
Prices: $6 - $12

Becoming Dr. Ruth
She's America's favorite sex therapist! But before she became Dr. Ruth, Karola Siegel had to flee Germany in the Kindertransport, become a sni...
Prices: $30 - $65

Broadway Center Stage: In The Heights
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony®-winning first Broadway musical tells the story of a vibrant community on the brink of change in New York’s ...
Prices: $69 - $175

Brooklyn The Musical
Brooklyn, The Musical by Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson follows our lead character, Brooklyn, on her journey to find her father. Up and...
Prices: $15 - $40

Bubble Guppies Live! Ready to Rock
Dive in to a swimsational musical underwater adventure with Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies Live! Ready to Rock! The Bubble Guppies are ready to...
Prices: $29 - $79

Cabaret Noir: A Film Noir Theatrical Montage
“… A glimmer of story, a hatful of characters, a whisper of atmosphere, a smorgasbord of music and a scent of mystery. Those who lov...
Prices: $17 - $23

In roaring twenties Chicago, chorine Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos to take the rap...until he finds out ...
Prices: $48 - $58

Set in a spacious apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this play explores the inner passions and beliefs of five Americans from different cu...
Prices: $23 - $38

Disney's Newsies
Based on the Disney film and set in New York City at the turn of the century, this Tony Award winning, high energy musical is the rousing tale of Jack...
Prices: $46 - $64

En el tiempo de las mariposas (In the Time of the Butterflies)
DC Premiere! The Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic were elegant and wealthy. Using the code name “butterflies”, they inspired r...
Prices: $25 - $55

Every Brilliant Thing
Could you name a hundred things that make life wonderful? A thousand? How about a million? A 7 year-old child confronted by his mother's attempted...
Prices: $47 - $74

Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament 2018
The power is yours: Cast your vote and decide who becomes the next FIST champions. ...
Prices: $12 - $30

Fly By Night
A star-crossed prophecy. A lot of music. Just not a lot of light. In this darkly comic rock-fable, a melancholy sandwich maker's humdrum life is i...
Prices: $15 - $38

George-Don't DoThat! The Music and Magic of Joyce Grenfell
A musical entertainment celebrating the wit and wisdom of Joyce Grenfell, one of Britain’s most beloved comediennes. ...
Prices: $40 - $45

Love, understanding, and tolerance can be found at the foundation of virtually all the great religions of the world. So it’s no surprise that Go...
Prices: $40 - $65

Hold These Truths
Reeling from the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and driven by fear and prejudice, America placed its own citizens of Japanese ancestry in in...
Prices: $50 - $90

I Did It My Way in Yiddish (in English)
~~Internationally acclaimed Canadian/New Zealand Jewish comic performer, musician and writer Deb Filler returns to MetroStage with her international s...
Prices: $40 - $45

In the midst of the holiday bustle, young Brooklyn couple Elias and Jenny escape on a much needed getaway to a cozy bed-and-breakfast in Gettysburg, P...
Prices: $40 - $103

Let It Be: A Celebration of the Music of the Beatles
What if the Beatles had reunited 10 years after their break-up? Let It Be answers that question, and brings you the show you never got to se...
Prices: $45 - $80

Molière's Don Juan
translated and adapted by Stephen Wadsworth In the words of Molière, as translated by the incomparable Stephen Wadsworth, Don Juan is &ldq...
Prices: $15 - $15

Mother Earth and Me
The magic of earth science takes center stage in this fun, interactive Discovery Theater original as we explore the origins of our planet, the water c...
Prices: $6 - $8

Motown: Hitsville U.S.A.
With Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and The Supremes as just a few of the artists to come out of Motown, no other record company has ...
Prices: $35 - $35

Nat Turner in Jerusalem
In August 1831, Nat Turner led a slave uprising that shook the conscience of the nation. Turner's startling account of his prophecy and the insurr...
Prices: $1 - $35

Outside the Lines
Two pen pals, Bud and Vi, brighten each other's lives from afar. Bud lives in a straight-line world of tall, tall buildings. Vi lives in a curvy-l...
Prices: $6 - $9

Paper Dolls
This vibrant and thought- provoking musical illuminates the world of five gay male Filipino nurses in Tel Aviv who care for elderly Orthodox and ...
Prices: $25 - $65

Potted Potter
Potted Potter returns to Washington by popular demand! The New York and West End smash hit has garnered rave reviews from New York to Nashvi...
Prices: $59 - $95

Robin Hood
In this story from the traditional English folklore, Chris Dinolfo (JACK and Phil, Slayers of Giants-INC) plays the title role! Our hero sides with th...
Prices: $10 - $35

Roz and Ray
A gripping medical drama about a doctor at the onset of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Dr. Roz Kagan offers a new miracle drug to save Ray Leon’s...
Prices: $30 - $65

Saturday Morning at The National: Bright Star Theatre Company - The Velveteen Rabbit
This heartwarming story tells of a stuffed rabbit and its quest to become real. The story celebrates unconditional love and real beauty with a strong ...
Prices: $0 - $0

Saturday Morning at The National: Shakespeare For The Young - The Tiniest Tempest
Shakespeare For The Young's The Tiniest Tempest is an interactive puppet show for families. Four puppeteers bring the characters of Mira...
Prices: $0 - $0

Saturday Morning at The National: Theatreworks USA - Dragons Love Tacos and Other Stories
The National Theatre welcomes Theatreworks USA's newest musical revue of beloved contemporary children's books! Dragons love all sorts of taco...
Prices: $0 - $0

Shear Madness
A comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime! Set in present-day Georgetown, Shear Madness engages locals and visitors alike as armchair d...
Prices: $10 - $50

Snow Child
Eowyn Ivey’s debut novel The Snow Child, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is reborn as a magical new musical featuring a score that combi...
Prices: $55 - $90

Speech and Debate
Rebellious drama queen Diwata, out and proud Howie, and nerdy but intense Solomon are outcasts in their Puritanical town of Salem…Oregon. Linke...
Prices: $20 - $30

The Beckett Trio
The Beckett Trio is comprised of three short, yet potent plays (Footfalls, Not I, andRockaby) about the stories and struggles of w...
Prices: $10 - $35

The Bockety World of Henry and Bucket
Henry and Bucket are best pals, although sometimes you wouldn’t think so! Like all good friends, they have their ups and downs, their battles an...
Prices: $15 - $15

The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Resist the political tyrant and protect an innocent life.  Caught in a social revolution, a young servant girl named Grusha promises her heart...
Prices: $25 - $55

The Gospel at Colonus
Let the weeping cease. Let no one mourn again. Now lift us up in a blaze of glory. Avant Bard theatre proudly presents the legendary Africa...
Prices: $10 - $35

The Mystery of Edwin Drood [Symphonic Metal Version]
A World Premiere "MetalTheatre" production from the team that created Sweeney Todd [Prog Metal Version] (nominated for three 2015 ...
Prices: $25 - $25

The Pavilion
The spring brings the return of  Hub's inaugural play, THE PAVILION by Craig Wright. Hailed by critics as an "an Our...
Prices: $15 - $35

The Princess & The Pauper—A Bollywood Tale
Set in long ago India, this Bollywood-inspired adaptation of the classic Mark Twain novel shows how the common people work long hours to support the l...
Prices: $10 - $35

The Raid
Would you die for your beliefs? Is it better to work within the system to change it or take up arms against the system to destroy it? Idris Goodwin...
Prices: $20 - $40

The Snow Queen
Our Learning Theater Ensemble tackles Hans Christian Andersen’s longest and most highly acclaimed tales that has inspired numerous films and ada...
Prices: $12 - $18

The Texas Homecoming Revolution of 1995
It’s the Friday before Homecoming in a suburban high school and a scandal emerges: Crystal Andersen has committed an unspeakable act with the Te...
Prices: $23 - $25

The Winter's Tale
“If This Be Magic…” A tribute to the magic of story-telling, Shakespeare’s late, great romance is an exhilarating journey ...
Prices: $30 - $79

The Wiz
Journey through Oz in This Tony-Winning Musical Ease on down the road with Dorothy and her friends Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion on their quest to mee...
Prices: $20 - $73

The Wolves
Winter indoor soccer. Saturdays. Over quad stretches and squats, a team of young women prepares to defend the Wolves’ undefeated record...
Prices: $20 - $69

Time Capsule in a Milkcan: A Holocaust Remembrance
In 1939, when the world began to close in around the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, Emanuel Ringelblum began a secret archive. As the horror mounted over ...
Prices: $6 - $8

Top and Bottom
Rainbow Theatre Project Presents:   TOP AND BOTTOM!  **(Please note: this production contains male nudity)** The title says it all -- thi...
Prices: $35 - $35

Top and Bottom
Top and Bottom is an encounter between two young men who want to explore their fantasies of a sexual bondage scene. Their only problem is they ar...
Prices: $35 - $35

It is 1833, and change is coming to rural County Donegal: While a hodgepodge group gather at an Irish-language hedge school to study classics of G...
Prices: $20 - $69

Two Trains Running
It’s 1969 and the Civil Rights Movement is sending tremors through Pittsburgh’s Hill District. At the center of the community is Memphis L...
Prices: $60 - $120

Underground Railroad Game
At Hanover Middle School, two teachers get shockingly graphic with a lesson about race, sex, and power. The quick-witted duo goes round after round on...
Prices: $20 - $69

Use All Available Doors
Use All Available Doors follows a soon-to-be-decommissioned WMATA train car, a grieving operator re-evaluating her life’s path, and a revolving ...
Prices: $35 - $35

Volcanes - Cuentos de El Salvador (Volcanoes - Tales of El Salvador)
In Mayan volcano is ixcanul (fire mountain). A volcano’s fire is hot, alive, and beautiful, like the stories and folktales from El Salvador. Thi...
Prices: $10 - $12

From the dawn of time, women have been demonized, feared and objectified whenever their power challenged the traditional order.   Weaving a ...
Prices: $15 - $30

“Master Harold" ... and the Boys
In a small South African tea shop in 1950, two black men and a white boy joke and dance together, defying the brutalities of apartheid through their j...
Prices: $36 - $65

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