Hobson's Choice

Press Opening

02/16/2018 (All day)


Hobson's Choice

In this hilarious comedy of turn-of-the-century Lancashire manners, curmudgeonly cobbler Henry Hobson (Andy White) faces the ultimate choice: take a life with three daughters--Maggie (Rebecca Ellis), Alice (Carolyn Kashner), and Vickey (Meredith Richard)--and keep them in his shop forever unmarried (to save staff wages and dowry money), or let them wed their sweethearts and leave him all alone (with no business). Eldest daughter Maggie has a plan to thread the bootmaking needle and she has inherited her fathers strong will to make it happen! Directed by QTC actor David Dubov.

Quotidian Theatre at The Writer's Center
5408 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20815

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