Hansen, Karen

Karen Hansen



I was born with a weird amount of curly dark hair in Southern California in 1963. My mother says as a toddler I used to put things in my socks. Not having proper pockets is a recurring nightmare of mine. As a youth, I enjoyed riding my skateboard, dressing up like a cowboy, reading, and watching Roy Rogers after school. At age 10 I began playing the trumpet. Thus began my musical life - a strange journey which has led me to this point where I call myself a “composer and multi-instrumentalist.” Here is the chronological order of my instrumental discoveries: trumpet, piano (a partial summer stint), recorders, french horn, Eb alto sacbut, violas da gamba, medieval fiddles, violin, harp, percussion items, computer, accordion, pipe organ, piano again. I can’t play a concerto on any of these instruments, but I stopped wanting to do that a long time ago. I do wish I’d really studied piano but then I would be a different person. Hmm.