Rorschach Theatre

Administrative Address

1333 H Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
United States

Administrative Phone Number
Theatre Description
"Through uncommon uses of environment and intimate passionate performances, Rorschach Theatre seeks to lure its audiences beyond the limits of ordinary theatrical experience so that they may discover new elements of their own humanity.

Rorschach Theatre tells stories that allow for innovative design and visceral performances. The company treats productions as “installations” that surround the audience with the world of a play. The work centers on the intersection of magic or impossible moments and every day human experiences. Without proselytizing, it provides a complex, intellectual catalyst for self-exploration of challenging subjects.

Beginning during the Covid-19 pandemic, Rorschach began producing “Psychogeographies” – season-long immersive projects that take participants to lesser-known spots around their city as a fictional narrative unfolds told through letters, artifacts, and objects mailed in monthly chapters to audiences.

Rorschach is also a vital launching pad for emerging artists. By trusting early-career actors, directors, playwrights and designers with substantive artistic responsibilities, and surrounding them with established professionals and ample resources, the company has become an essential showcase for new talent. In addition to its regular season, Rorschach produces “Magic in Rough Spaces,” an annual new play development series; “Klecksography,” an annual new artist development event (for actors, local playwrights, and directors); and “Fight Camp,” a stage combat training program held every summer. The company also organizes “Other People’s Ink,” a monthly offering of non-theatre social events that speak to the company’s aesthetic."
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