Faction of Fools Theatre Company

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545 7th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
United States

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"Faction of Fools Theatre Company is Washington DC's Commedia dell'Arte theatre company. Commedia dell'Arte originated in Renaissance Italy and is characterized by its use of masks, improvisation, physical comedy, and recognizable character types like young lovers, boasting heroes, and meddling parents!

We believe that comedy doesn't negate tragedy.
They are brothers in arms. We use Commedia to bring out the truest sense of what a play is on the page, in order to rediscover classics, and create dynamic new work. We embody the spirit of Commedia, which is traditional yet innovative, international yet familiar, and classical yet accessible. In our performances, actor training, international initiatives, and educational outreach, Commedia dell'Arte is theatre at its best: physical discipline, spontaneous imagination, collaborative energy, and joyous wonder.

Faction of Fools: We take comedy seriously."
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