Best Medicine Rep Theater Company

Administrative Address

701 Russell Avenue
Lakeforest Mall
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
United States

Administrative Phone Number
Theatre Description
"Best Medicine Rep is a nonprofit, professional theater company that specializes in new comedies. We are dedicated to the artistic, educational, and cultural development of the greater Gaithersburg area, and we strive to reflect and celebrate the diversity of that community through our inclusive programming, staff, and executive board.

Why are we here? To entertain. To bring joy. To foster community and learning through shared laughter. To lighten our shared burden of existence for a short while.

Why comedy? Broadly defined and properly presented, comedy encompasses all of human experience. It can make us laugh and make us cry. It can bring joy and it can bring anger. It makes us think and makes us forget. It exalts and ridicules. It can divert, and it can focus. Comedy levels life’s playing field.

Why theater? Story is that which gives comedy context. It is what allows empathy and purpose. Performed stories (theater) provide for the communal experience, the shared joy of laughter that we seek to achieve. Theater brings a community together, eliciting pride and engagement, a sense of ownership and cooperation. We believe that the comic theater is the cure for what ails us."
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