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Primary responsibilities include:

Working closely with the Scenic Designer and Director to determine the prop needs for each production, managing OTC’s props artisan; building and procuring props and furniture for OTC's year round 9-show season and National Players touring company, plus specialty items to be determined in the planning process, working with the director and stage manager to support the rehearsal process, recruiting, training, and mentoring OTC's annual Props Apprentice, managing and maintaining OTC's furniture and prop stock, and managing and working within show as well as annual budgets.

Core functional areas and responsibilities include:

Work closely with the Director, Scenic Designer, and Stage Manager to determine the props, furniture, and dressing needs of each production of OTC's season. Work with the Director and Stage Manager to provide properties support for the rehearsal process. Participate in the recruitment, training, and evaluation of OTC's annual Properties Apprentice. Provide guidance to the apprentice on their capstone project. Manage and maintain OTC's furniture and props stock. Cultivate rental and loan relationships with theaters and other organizations in the area Work closely with the Production Office to effectively manage show budgets and annual budgets. Work closely with the Director of Production to identify potential Properties Department improvements, both long and short term. Work cooperatively with all Production Departments on schedule, shared resources, and with the common goal of producing the best theatre possible for our audience. Work cooperatively on all special projects as assigned by the Director of Production. Attend Rehearsals, Technical Rehearsals and Previews as necessary Determine allocation of duties and promote skill advancement/learning for the prop shop crew team Hire and oversee freelance labor as needed to meet deadlines Maintain the day-to-day schedule and deadlines in the shop Assess costs and oversee/manage assigned budget for materials and labor. Oversee the shopping, purchasing, construction, painting and finishing of all props as needed, including hand props, furniture, furnishings and set directions for all productions, while while also maintaining high standards of excellence in quality and execution.