You, or Whatever I Can Get

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It’s just a lot, you guys. Right? The Walk of Shame, that Guy who’s always on the Couch, Friends with Benefits, J-Date, Drinking Zelco, Sexy Star Wars Jammies, Tinder, More Drinking, Screaming “I am an Attractive Man!” alone to your computer screen at 2am. You know? And then that moment, that moment of sheer terror, the certainty - I’m 30. I’m going die alone. This original song cycle looks at the anxieties, insecurities, desperations, and joys of dating and friendship in your late twenties and early thirties, with live music by the team that brought you the hit Disco Jesus and the Apostles of Funk. We’re all looking for someone – I want You. Or Whatever I Can Get. 


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
75 minutes