A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular: The North Pole's Annual Talent Show!

Performance Dates

Pointless Theatre invites you join us at the North Pole, where Santa's elves have been putting on a talent show every Christmas eve for a couple thousand years.  Directed by Lex Davis and Frank Cervarich, A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular is an irreverent send-up and celebration of the traditions of the holiday season intended for adult audiences.  Pointless Theatre is transforming Flashpoint into Santa's workshop and inviting audiences inside to see the elves put on a show with their one night off a year.  Performances by the Pointless ensemble will include original songs, puppetry, and holiday-themed improv, all accompanied by a reindeer funk band.  We promise a spectacle like no other, one which invites audiences to enjoy a unique take on the things that bring us together every winter.


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
80 minutes


Robin Goldencake
Chutney Sparklecane
Nutmeg Silverberry
Cranberry Snowsocks
Piper Winterstockings

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Puppet Designer
Puppet Designer