Under the Canopy

Nora Achrati in Under the Canopy Donnie Biggs
Performance Dates

Imagine a theatrical world designed especially for babies and young toddlers to explore - a world inspired by the wonders of the rainforest! That's what's in store when the innovative style of Arts on the Horizon targets our very youngest fans and their caregivers. Using colorful objects and playful sounds, our performers will discover and build a rainforest setting around, within and above the audience. Whistling flowers, a clacking caterpillar, and brightly-colored umbrella birds await! After each performance, children are invited to explore the different props and objects used to create the playscape. Under the Canopy is a 20-minute, interactive, nonverbal show geared for children ages 0-2 (and their 3-4-year-old pals). 

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
30 minutes

Creative Team

Puppets and Objects designed by Wit's End Puppets
Sound Design Consultant, Nicole Martin