Tiny House Plays

Jessica Aimone
Performance Dates

They say there are a million stories in the naked city. How many stories are in a tiny enclave of even tinier houses nestled deep in the Stronghold neighborhood of DC? Turns out, there are quite a few. This fall, Pinky Swear is partnering with Boneyard Studios and six local playwrights to fill tiny houses with big stories. We’re exploring the microcosm of a micro-community and inviting you to look in the window, sit at the table, and join the neighborhood as the characters who live there interact in their public and private lives. It’s the ultimate show for getting a peek at what you usually aren’t allowed to see. We’re having a party and you’re invited.


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
70 minutes

Creative Team

Costume Designer
PLAYWRIGHTS: Thembi Duncan, Ann Fraistat, Shawn Fraistat, Danielle Mohlman, Donna Rachelle Reinhold, Laura Zam
Production Manager: Bobby Hunter, Stage Manager: Laura Wood