The Third Breast

The Third Breast by Ireneusz Iredynski Lukasz Pinkowski
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Obsession, power, sex and intriguing story with a twist 

Is there a place on earth where our problems can disappear? A place where money is of no value? A place where we can truly be ourselves?  These questions are asked by the characters of "The Third Breast", who attempt to escape from everyday life in search of true identity. The play explores such themes as addiction to power; fear of the Other; the search for an absolute; love and erotic fascination; the consequences of blind faith.  Join the Commune on its spiritual journey to achieve perfection.  Is it even possible? 

Ambassador Theater Presents
US Premiere of
The Third Breast
By Ireneusz Iredynski
Translated by Sylvia Daneel


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Creative Team

Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Video/Visual Effects by George Gordon