They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay!

Happy 90th Birthday Dario Fo! Cast and crew of the Ambassador Theater March 24, 2016 Valentin Radev
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In the Nobel prize winner’s hilarious farce of civil disobedience, desperate housewives take justice into their own hands and become politically engaged. Based upon real life events -- a worker’s uprising in Italy in 1974-- direct action is needed when the government fails to protect citizen’s rights. Hugely popular and more relevant than ever, They Don’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! delivers a serious message in Fo’s signature absurdly comic style.


Production Information

Approximate Running Time
180 minutes


Policeman/Fed Agent/Undertaker/Father

Creative Team

Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Mario Pirovano - Consultant
Assistant Director- Xandra Weaver and Mari Davis - Props