Sunny and Licorice

Ryan Sellers and Maggie Erwin in Sunny and Licorice Aram Varitan
Performance Dates

Sunny, the zoo’s sole orangutan, is delighted to get a new roommate, but things don’t go smoothly when Licorice first arrives. Sunny likes to be loud, but Licorice prefers to read the newspaper. And Licorice likes to keep things tidy, but Sunny keeps making a mess! When the zookeeper leaves behind a radio, a curious thing happens -- toes start tapping and arms start swinging. Could music bring this “odd couple” together? Featuring live music and a special tap finale inspired by movie musicals of the 1930s & 40s!

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
30 minutes



Creative Team

Costume Designer
Props by Hannah Schneider
Dance Choreography by Ryan Sellers