The Sneeze

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A collection of very funny short plays by Anton Chekhov, translated and arranged by Michael Frayn.

The Drama – A famous playwright is visited by an admirer who has penned her own
interminably long play. He tries to shorten the visit, but she just won’t go away. A twist at the end brings her visit to an abrupt halt.

Swan Song – An elderly actor reflects on the drama of his own life. Dedication to his art has required him to give up marriage, and family, and now he is alone with only his friend the prompter. Poignant and funny is this story of dreams unfulfilled and passion realized.

The Sneeze – A pantomime play. In the audience at the theater is a very important official and a lesser official, come to the ballet to enjoy the evening. The lesser official sneezes quite close to the greater official. The result is hilarious – and dark.

The Bear - A handsome but unkempt landowner comes to collect a debt from a widow who has been grieving the loss of her husband a bit too long. All would be well but she won’t pay and he won’t leave. Sparks fly and ignite passion as they match wits.

Plots – A doctor who feels he has been wrongly accused practices a speech. Nothing matches in his clothing or in his thoughts. What happens is all in his mind.

The Proposal – A hypochondriac suitor, a confused landowner, an eager daughter. The suitor comes to propose. The landowner greets him with enthusiasm. The daughter is happy to see him and waits for him to propose. What could go wrong? Everything.

All of these plays find humor in pathos, plumbing the depths of the absurd and the heights of love. These plays are thought-provoking as well as comedic. Join Compass Rose as we do Chekhov!

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Smirnov, Svetlovidov
Pavel, Nikita Ivanich, Chubukov
Popova; Natalya
Murashkina; Lomov

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