The Seafarer

The Seafarer at SCENA Theatre Image by Dean Creative
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The Seafarer is set Christmas Eve in a suburb north of Dublin. James "Sharkey" Harkin returns to his blind, aging brother, Richard. As Sharkey trys to stay off the bottle, he contends with the hard-drinking, irascible Richard and his own conscience. The mysterious Mr. Lockhart pays Sharky a visit and reminds him of their meeting 25 years ago in jail during which Sharky wagered his soul in a poker game against Lockhart to gain his freedom. Sharky won, but with the proviso Lockhart would at some future date, play him once again. The play culminates with a poker game. On the surface, a simple game of cards, it is in fact a game for Sharky’s soul. Scena brings two acclaimed Irish actors-Brian Mallon and David Mitchell-to perform this work by contemporary playwright, Conor McPherson.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
150 minutes


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