The Rulebreaker Rep (Bloody Poetry and Charm)

Performance Dates

The plays of Taffety Punk's Rulebreaker Rep focus on literary giants confronting their own dangerous delusions while wrestling with questions of innocence, liberty, and self-possession.  Bloody Poetry follows writers Percy and Mary Shelley, her half-sister Claire Clairmont and Lord Byron through six years of the quartet's entangled existence, and the radical views on love, life, and writing that set them at odds with conventional society and eventually, with each other.  Charm presents the fascinating presence of Margaret Fuller, who upends the male-dominated literary world of Hawthorne, Emerson, and Thoreau, threatening their notions of womanhood in 1840's America. 

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Mary / Orestes
Bysshe / Hawthorne
Claire / Lydian
Byron / Emerson
Polidori / Thoreau
Harriet / Anna/Sparkler