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Jacob Yeh (Andrew), Kari Ginsburg (Waverly), Molly Shayna Cohen (Nancy/Joyce Carol Oates), and Jonathan Feuer (Ron) DJ Corey Photography
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It's September 12th, 2001; the setting is the Minneapolis apartment of Waverly, a young advertising executive. Soon to venture on a blind date amidst the television news coverage of the attacks, Waverly becomes preoccupied when she discovers that her twin sister, Wendy, a student in New York, has not been heard from. Waverly reassures herself that Wendy had no reason to be at the World Trade Center.

As the evening unfolds, Waverly and her blind date, Andrew, an airport bookstore manager, realize that they are connected by a succession of bizarre coincidences. As Waverly awaits word on Wendy, the date is complicated by visits from her crazed-musician neighbor, Ron, and his girlfriend, Nancy, and a startling visit from Waverly’s great aunt, Joyce Carol Oates—played by a sock puppet.

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Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


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