Happenstance Theater
Performance Dates

The Happenstance quintet delves into Ancient Greek Mythology with guest artist Craig Jaster generating a live musical score. In a pared-down 1940’s aesthetic a chorus of workers, like bees, assemble lightning bolts and mines the Underworld. Like Sisyphus they must endlessly repeat their tasks. With an ample smattering of amusement, the performers invoke the Muses, offer Sacrifice, suffer Hubris, consult Oracles, and meet Fate as they portray an array of mortals and Gods whose flaws reflect their own.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
75 minutes


Ensemble (Discordia, Proteus, Charon)
Ensemble (Aristaeus, Fate, Hera/Grace, Sphinx, Oracle)
Ensemble (Orpheus, Fate, Athena/Grace)
Ensemble (Oracle, Paris, Hades, Phaethon)
Ensemble (Eurydice, Fate, Aphrodite/Grace, Sphinx, Helios)

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Choreographer for plays
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer