Oscar Wilde’s Salomé

See the provocative play that was banned in Wilde’s day. Dean Creative
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A mysterious, foreboding prophet (John the Baptist) descends upon King Herod’s palace. Distressed by this, the King seeks relief in watching the captivating Princess Salomé perform a sultry dance. She agrees only when he swears to give her anything she wants. Ultimately, she desires the prophet’s head on a platter—as he is the only man unfazed by her beauty. Don’t miss Wilde’s exotic, controversial take on this ancient biblical tale of lechery, power, and deception.

ACTORS: Irina Koval, Brian Hemmingsen, Rena Cherry Brown, Joseph Carlson, Armand Sindoni, Kim Curtis, Renata Loman, Karin Rosnizeck, Michael Miyazaki, Tom Byrne, Caroline Wolfson & Tony Strowd. U/S: Tom Byrne, Pasquale Guiducci & Karin Rosnizeck.

Directed by Robert McNamara

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
105 minutes


The Page of Herodias
The Young Syrian
Guest at a dinner
Guest at a dinner
Guest at a dinner
Guest at a dinner

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Choreographer for musicals
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Dramaturg, Gabrielle Jakobi
Stage Manager, Lena Salins