My Calamitous Affair With The Minister of Culture & Censorship...

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This theatrical chronicle of a cross-cultural crack-up begins with a brand new Executive Director and her former boss returning to the scene of a rehearsal room revolt that set the stage for an Artistic Director’s departure from the theater he launched with high purpose and blind spots. Restorative Justice is on the agenda but hard to find, as the company re-unites and a fictionalized, right-wing Israeli Cabinet Minister materializes uninvited to spar with Eilat and Samad, Israeli and Palestinian theater artists/activists, while their American hosts, Virginia and the unnamed AD, get caught in the middle, navigating treacherous terrain. They try to mend the unmendable, in a journey of personal loss and learning, reckoning and renewal, push-back, contrition, boycotts and cancel culture – on both sides – all hanging in precarious balance.

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150 minutes


Eilat Herzog
Virginia B. Lawrence
Miri Rekev
AD (Founding Artistic Director Until Recently)

Creative Team

Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Projections/Media Designer
Stage Manager
Props Designer/Master