The Music Man

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Our revolutionary retelling of this Golden Age classic is sure to be the talk of the DMV - and beyond - in the coming season. With a half Deaf and half Hearing cast, you'll experience beloved songs like "76 Trombones". "Til There Was You", and "Rock Island" like never before. The citizens of River City have got trouble. Only, Harold Hill has them convinced it lays in their pool halls. His solution: a marching band, and he just happens to sell instruments and uniforms. It's all part of his latest con job. Everyone in town seems to be falling for it, except Marian. The catch is, Harold may be falling for her.

Production Information

Show Type
Approximate Running Time
150 minutes


Harold Hill
Alma His/As Cast
Mayor Shinn/As Cast
Maude Dunlap/As Cast
Amaryllis/As Cast
Tommy/As Cast
Eulalie Shinn/As Cast
Zaneeta/As Cast
Oliver Hicks/As Cast
As Cast
As Cast
Ethel/As Cast/Marian Cover
Mrs. Paroo
Olin Britt/As Cast

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Choreographer for musicals
Musical Director
Sound Designer
Book Writer
Lighting Designer
Projections/Media Designer
Director of Artistic Sign Language