Morning, Miranda

Tearrance Chisolm
Performance Dates

Miranda has spent her life a virtual prisoner of her mother's agoraphobia. After her mother, Helen's, sudden death, she thinks she's finally free to move on with her own life. That is, until she's tasked with taking Helen's ashes across the country. And she learns that the ghost of her mother will be joining her on the journey. The reluctant companions embark on a road trip that will take them from a smoky DC drag show to a raucous country roadhouse to the land of the dead itself, where a traveling circus of restless spirits threatens to make Miranda one of their number. As the journey spirals out of control, Miranda has to decide whether to risk her own life and sanity to fulfill her mother's last wishes, or abandon Helen to the realm of the dead.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
100 minutes


Aunt Jack and Lion Tamer
Mr. C, Bill, Fire Eater
Cy and Ringmaster
Berneice, Sharon, and Clown
Roadhouse Floozie and Rubber Woman

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Choreographer for plays
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer