Molière's Don Juan

Company member Tonya Beckman as Don Juan. Art by Ryan Nelson.
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In the words of Molière, as translated & adapted by the incomparable Stephen Wadsworth, Don Juan is “the most vile miscreant that the world has ever produced: a dangerous man, a dog, a demon, and infidel, a heretic, who believes in nothing you revere or fear — not heaven, not saints, not God, not the Devil, Hell or werewolves; who delights in challenging your most cherished beliefs and lives to prove their folly in actions more lawless and licentious that anything you dare imagine; who is spending this lifetime as a hedonist pig, a pleasure-seeking, pain avoiding predator.”

All that and good looks? Swipe right.

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
120 minutes


Pierrot, Ragotin, La Remée, Statue, Prologue
Mathurine, Pauper, Don Luis
Donna Elvira, Don Alonso, Dimanche, Death
Charlotte, Don Carlos, La Violette

Creative Team

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Projections/Media Designer