Milk Like Sugar

Greg Ferrand
Performance Dates

For sixteen year-old Annie Desmond, growing up in a small city is all Galaxy phones and texts from boys. But when one of her friends proudly boasts that she’s expecting, the allure of Coach diaper bags and an infant’s constant company propels the group into a life-altering “pregnancy pact.” Torn between her allegiance to the pack, her ambitions for college, and the promise of a future with a boy named Malik, Annie must make a choice for the future she wants, even if it’s not the future she’s being pushed to pursue. Mosaic Theater Resident Director Jennifer L. Nelson directs a riotous tale by Kirsten Greenidge about powerful young women on the brink of maturity that “balances street with sweet, to entertaining and illuminating effect” (Los Angeles Times).

Production Information

Approximate Running Time
90 minutes